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Here at RocketNews24 there’s only one thing we like more than a Shiba Inu, and that’s a Shiba Inu with professional comic timing. Last time we saw our favourite doggy actor Mari-chan, she was wreaking havoc working as a handy-man’s assistant, and this time, she’s been let loose in a new playground – the kitchen.

Mari-chan’s long-suffering owner has a new culinary plan – to make a special dish of “Super Chilled Tofu”. Unfortunately, Mari-chan has other ideas…

Let’s dive right into the video and see what sort of mischief Mari-chan is up to today:

And now, the highlights:

▼ “Salt and pepper may be unusual flavouring choices for tofu, but they’ll really bring out the flavour,” the master chef informs us. Meanwhile, Mari-chan is also investigating the condiments.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 18.02.50All screenshots: YouTube/inosemarine

▼ “I’ll just put this block of tofu here for safekeeping…”

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▼ “Next up, we need some shredded chicken breast,” he says, placing the appetising-looking dish right in the hungry Shiba’s eyeline…what could happen next?

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▼ “And just a tiny splash of soy sauce.”

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▼ “Finally, let’s run through those ingredients one last time.” But once again, Mari-chan has other ideas!

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You can find more of Mari-chan and her owner’s adventures on their YouTube channel.We’re looking forward to finding out what antics they have planned next!

Source: YouTube via Curazy