The internet was all aflame last week with debates over the color of a certain dress, so we should know by now that our eyes are damn, dirty liars. In case you want more proof of that, take a look at the picture above. How many shades of blue do you see? Are you sure about that?

Four, right?

Now take a look at this video by YouTube uploader greeenpro2009 and see if you still have the same answer.

What did I tell you! Your eyes are the most lying nerve sacs in your body. Cover up any of the transitions and suddenly there are only three shades of blue.

Basically, this optical illusion works because your eyes look for contrast and interpret information relative to the stuff around it. Without the clear transition to cue them in, your eyes can’t tell the difference between two slightly different shades.


But at least we can be sure the paper is blue. …Right?

Source and images: Greeenpro2009
H/T: Grapee