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International Women’s Day is held every year on March 8. Around the globe, people celebrate women with reverence, admiration and love and give praise to women’s economic, political and social achievements. While it’s not an official holiday in Japan, it is often celebrated by people in their own way. For example, some organizations wear the color purple in support of ending violence against women. Others participate in “Walk In Her Shoes,” a charity event where both men and women wear heels and walk eight kilometers (five miles) carrying a 10-kg (22-lbs) jug of water.

ACQUA, a hair salon in Tokyo, is adding its own event to show support for women. The salon’s talented men want to show their thanks and support to the multitude of women who come to their shop by getting made up like one.

With two store locations, one in Omotesando and one in Aoyama, ACQUA is well-known as a high-class beauty salon with top-notch stylists. This year, they want to show support to their female clientele, which makes up 80 percent of their business.

The concept is to “better understand women by sensing ALL the things they feel by putting on makeup and wearing women’s clothing.” Twelve of the male stylists volunteered to transform themselves into women for a photo shoot. A Tumblr page was opened to showcase their new looks, and as you can see they’ve definitely outdone themselves.

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This of course isn’t your normal everyday look for women; ACQUA wanted their men to experience makeup styles that are beyond the norm. Along with the makeup, the photo shoot was done in a “gravure” style, that attempts to make the subject as sexy as possible without showing anything too racy.

Beyond the norm? Or auditioning for RuPaul’s Drag Race?

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Only on March 8 can you get an ACQUA makeover at a reduced price. Men who want to tip their hats off to women can bring their own wig and get made over for 10,000 yen (about US$83). New female customers can also get a haircut at a discount. You can book an appointment on their website or by phone, but you’ll have to be quick!

Source: PR Times
Images: Tumblr (ACQUA)