A weight-check is a routine part of many vet examinations, themselves something that can be traumatic enough for the average pooch or kitty without the added pressure of finding out they’ve put on a few extra grams. But it turns out that plopping your pet down on the scales is actually the perfect opportunity for an adorable photo op, as these Twitter users found recently. Let’s check out some pets at the vet’s!

▲ This dwarf rabbit “Shiro” weighs in at 1276 grams! Looks like he’s been chowing down on plenty of carrots.

▲ This hedgie is only 430 grams!

▲ “Kokin” had to be weighed with an elaborate contraption on his/her leg to get an accurate reading! At 192, this owl’s a real featherweight!

▲ This pet bird weighs in at 520 grams… plus stand.


▲ Komachi the hammy is a tiny 37.9 grams!

▲ Chinchillas “Chiin” (733g), “Riira” (565g), “Rorotan” (688g) and “Rinku” (599g) compete to see who’s the heftiest pet.

▲ This chinchilla looks like he wants out of that box. “This is humiliating!”

▲ 37 grams is nothing! A strong breeze could waft this critter away!

▲ Hammies “Daifuku-kun” (75g, one year old) and “Maru-chan” (89g, two months). Aaw!

▲ At first, we were so distracted by the cuteness of the panda being weighed, we missed that the lady in the background is wearing a fuzzy panda hat.

▲ This is how I weigh my suitcases when I travel. And also how I would weigh a baby giraffe, if ever called upon to do so.


▲ This kitty is 954 grams of pure cute!


▲ These kitties are actually lining up to be weighed!

▲ This pomeranian pup looks totally at home on the scales!

Which pet do you think looks the cutest on the scales?

Source: Naver Matome
Image: Twitter @omoshiro_boGUP