Wacky singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is as famous for her eclectic style choices as she is for her singing. So it was no surprise when this sharky ensemble she uploaded to her official Twitter account had fans all over Japan dashing to stores in an attempt to emulate her style. What followed was a wave of adorable shark sock foot selfies!

Kyary’s tweet inspired a rash of style copycats to quickly procure similar socks. While Kyary’s socks appear to be swallowing her feet, it seems that any type of shark sock was fair game for her adoring fans. Check out this gallery of super-cute sharky socks!

First, the original tweet that inspired the new style trend!

▲ “Today’s ensemble. Pink and grey. With shark socks.”

▲ “Apparently the store has now sold out of shark socks!”

▲ “Look at my cute shark socks!”


▲ “Shark socks! I really like them, even though they’re eating my feet.”


▲ “Shark socks.”


▲ “Shark socks!!!!!!”

Enterprising sales staff took the opportunity to capitalise on the socks’ success:

▲ “Shark socks that look like they’re eating your feet are back in stock! Now that the snow’s melted, we recommend pairing these with sneakers! Of course, each pair is only 390 yen (US$3.20) Now that’s a bargain!”

▲ “Feet-eating shark socks, only 300 yen ($2.40) per pair! I wanted to buy more…”


▲ “Shark socks that eat your feet. Cute.”

▲ “Shark socks. They’re cute, aren’t they?”


▲ “Shark socks really are the cutest!”


▲ “Fell in love with these socks when I saw them! I’ll wear them to Disneyland.”

▲ “Jumped on the shark sock bandwagon yesterday! Lol!”


▲ “I actually really like sharks, so I bought shark socks.”

▲ “Shark socks!!!”

Wow, Kyary’s fans really go crazy for her unique style. We kinda feel bad for all the cute sharks that have to chow down on smelly human feet all day. Would you go out and buy something just because your favourite celeb is wearing it?

Source: Naver Matome
Feature image: Twitter @ikejun1029
Top Image: Twitter @pamyurin