It’s Monday morning–the sky is overcast and a chilly rain is falling. You somehow manage to drag yourself out of bed, but now you just need that little motivational push to be able to tackle the new week head-on. So allow us to introduce you to this kitty, whose adorable antics playing with a car’s windshield wipers are sure to tickle your heart when everything else about Monday morning can’t!

A video of the playful kitty has already racked up over 25,000 likes on Facebook since it was first shared by Spanish-language radio station 107.5 Amor. The clip has even made it all the way to Japan, and Japanese net users can’t stop gushing about the cuteness within.

In the video, it’s hard to tell at first whether the car’s windshield wiper catches the cat by surprise, or if he’s just playfully trying to swat it away. But right around the 0:30 mark, things really go into hyper-drive. Give it a watch and just wait for a smile to magically spread across your face:

We commend the kitty on his valiant effort, but maybe he should just stick with catnapping on those rainy days instead…

Source/Image: Facebook (107.5 Amor)