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Despite prices going up again, Tokyo Disneyland still is one of the happiest places on earth where you can meet all of your favorite characters, ride those amazing rides and of course, experience that legendary Disney hospitality. Last week, a Japanese twitter user even spotted one of the cast members (as park employees are called) extending the Disney treatment to a cat who had apparently lost its way.

Japanese netizens could barely hold in their glee at seeing this lost cat being treated so well. Click below to see what the cast member did to get netizens squealing with glee!

Although it’s not clear exactly how this cat got into Tokyo Disneyland, a cast member spotted the wayward feline outside one of the rides. Instead of chasing the cat away, the cast member instead pulled out a map and seems to be offering it help to find its way around the park.

▼ “Which way to that delicious-looking mouse?”

2015.03.07 lost catImage: Twitter (atumiru511)

Japanese netizens were pretty amazed that the Disney employee kept his cool and could approach the lost cat without spooking it. Many thought the cast member’s treatment of this lost kitty really adds to the atmosphere of Tokyo Disneyland being just like you’re in a Disney movie.

The cat even seems to be looking earnestly at the map to figure out the best way to get where it’s heading. Netizens put their heads together to think of places the cat might want to go, and many assumed the ambitious hunter came in search of Mickey Mouse—the ultimate prey. Although, not all were so positive about the lost cat encounter and some jaded netizens wondered about the mental well-being of employees who talk to animals.

Unfortunately, Twitter user Miunya, who originally shared the photo, didn’t find out the results of the cast member’s approach, but we hope this feline tourist enjoyed the rest of its day at Tokyo Disneyland. What do you think of the hospitality this little lost cat got from the theme park employee?

Image: Twitter via Jin
Source: Jin