Mysterious, skilled girls’ rock band 5572320 (pronounced: go go nana ni san ni rei) have appeared out of nowhere with a music video for their song, titled “Hanseiki Yuutousei” (Half a Century Honor Student). Their debut single is due for release on March 25, but the identities of these young ladies remains a complete mystery.

Check out their video after the jump.

The girls’ music is packed with dissonance and syncopation but, their formation is also unorthodox: three drummers and five guitarists but no bass player. Could it be that all this complexity is meant to reflect the complex feelings of youth? After all, the lyrics do talk about the desire to change oneself, a common feeling during one’s teen years. The contrast between the hard music and setting which looks like it could be an idol music video makes an interesting statement as well.

Several commenters on the video seem to be convinced that this is idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku hiding their faces. Given the eclectic nature of Ebichu’s music and their unpredictable videos, that would not be surprising. Regardless of who these eight mysterious young girls are, they have skills beyond a typical band, male or female. Perhaps we’ll learn more when they officially debut on March 20.


Although details are still scarce, we hope that information on where to get “Hanseiki Yuutousei” (Half a Century Honor Student) will be released soon since it’s really catchy, even though we’re probably tapping our feet to the wrong beats. In the meantime, here is the cover art.

The band’s official site can be accessed here.

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