Characters from the hit anime and manga series Attack on Titan are here to stick around! In a recent collaboration with one of Japan’s major stationery makers, Pilot, nine popular characters made an appearance on adhesive note tags that come along with the purchase of the brand’s Neox Graphite mechanical pencil lead.

Fans of the franchise are no doubt happy to get their hands on Attack on Titan freebies, but there was one thing that bothered them slightly… the creators put so much attention on the characters that they left barely enough space on the adhesive notes to write a decent message. However, one creative fan found some entertaining ways to make use of the not-so-useful sticky notes!

▼ The limited edition adhesive note tags come with every purchase of Pilot’s Neox Graphite mechanical pencil lead or mechanical pencil and lead set.



▼ The freebies come in 10 different designs featuring Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Hange, Annie, Sasha, Krista and Levi in two different poses.


▼ The cardboard backings of the sticky tags join together to form a wall design with the title splashed across it, giving fans a reason to collect all 10 variations.


We know the characters look cool and that they’re the main attraction of this collaboration campaign, but just look at that miserly space you’re left with to write the actual note! You wouldn’t even be able to scribble your phone number on it if your handwriting is anything bigger than the size of a grain of rice. If anything, it probably makes you feel like a titan writing on it…is that what the designers were going for?

What’s a fan to do with sticky notes with too little space to write notes on? Oh we don’t know, maybe carefully keep them in a collector’s box, stick them on the wall… whatever they want to do with it.

However, Twitter user Miuve (@miuve_aph) seemed to have a fun time creating situations and dialogue for a handful of Jean Kirstein notes!

https://twitter.com/miuve_aph/status/570180043575394304 https://twitter.com/miuve_aph/status/570179253586628608

▼ “Yo. I’m Jean.”


▼ “I’m Jean too.”
“You too? What a coincidence.”


▼ Right to left: “I’m Jean too.”
“I’m also Jean.”
“Actually, me too.”
“What the… you guys too?”
“Let’s all form a band!”


▼ The Jean’s are formed!


▼ When Jean attacked Jean.


▼ “Stop! You have no chance against him!”
*charges* “Oraaaaaaaaa!!!!”


▼ “…? Jean?”
*suddenly halts*


▼ *thud!*




If you intend on getting your hands on these tiny sticky tags, better hurry before they start slaughtering each other within the packaging!

Source: Twitter (@miuve_aph) via Zhaizhai News
Images: Twitter (@miuve_aph), Pilot