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We’ve seen a lot of women getting attention online for unspectacular reasons recently: for playing soccer, for running in a marathon, and even for being someone’s sister. Sure they’re all good-looking and probably nice people, but how does that translate into thousands of followers?

The latest in the “cute girl attracting attention online” is possibly the most confusing yet. Ayaka Yokota is simply a Japanese college junior who won a beauty contest at her school last year. And… that’s about it! Nevertheless, she’s been getting lots of praise online recently simply by posting things every college student does, which is apparently more than enough for her legions of fans.

Part of the reason for Yokota’s recent fame is because of the unwritten tradition of Japanese women who attend an all-girls college and win their school’s beauty pageant going on to become a news anchor after graduation. Since Ayaka won the contest at her school, Otsuma Women’s University, everyone has high hopes for her to become the next pretty face on their local news station. She’s been getting comments like:

“She’s so cute!”
“She has that ‘girl next door’ charm to her.”
“She will definitely be an anchor in two years’ time.”

In the meantime though, she’s still just a college junior, and…well, she’s mostly posting things that typical college juniors do on her social media accounts.

▼ So get out your College Student Bingo cards, because you’re going to be screaming “bingo” real fast with this one!

college student bingoRocketNews24

▼ And there’s selfies, right off the bat!


▼ Juges? Yes, sleeping through class definitely counts as skipping class! Another marker please.


▼ Ooh, a two-for-one! Hanging with friends and summer break!


▼ Do Ichiro impersonators still count as “celebs.” Once again, our judges say “Yes.”


▼ And so do Johnny Depp impersonators (all right, all right, he’s pretty good).


▼ Phew! I was wondering when we were going to get some Starbucks pictures.

▼ Okay, feeding a capybara a giant leaf is kind of adorable. And it’s not even on the bingo board. Maybe her posts aren’t so bland after-


▼ Oh a tongue is out! And cat ears! Bingo is back in business, baby!


▼ If you haven’t gotten a bingo yet, don’t worry: this picture has about twenty bingos all by itself.

▼ Well, at least she has good taste in candy. That by itself may be worth a follow.


And… that’s about it! Of course there’s nothing wrong with any of the pictures, but after looking through them there’s not much that would make you go “Oh, now I understand why there are news articles about her online and she has thousands of followers.” They just seem to be typical college student photos.

Are we missing something here? Feel free to follow Ayaka on her Instagram or Twitter, and if you do, be sure to tell us in the comments why you did. We really want to know!

Source: AOL News Japan
Featured/top image: Twitter (edited by RocketNews24)