All right hands up, how many of you own selfie sticks? And how many of you ever entertained the idea of getting one of those sticks-of-the-moment, but eventually decided that you would rather spend ten dollars on a meal than a stick that enables you to take self-portraits from a distance greater than the length of your own arm?

If you fall into the latter group, here are some fantastic examples of budget DIY selfie sticks that would set you back just two dollars or less!

Selfie sticks were one of the hottest and trendiest items to break across international markets last year. People holding selfie sticks can be seen almost everywhere, especially at tourist spots. With the huge demand, the prices of the self-photography tool have become increasingly affordable, but they still average around eight to ten dollars, with those that boast additional functions costing slightly more.

But why spend money when you can create your own makeshift selfie stick with everyday items around you? Check out what these creative Twitter users made their “selfie sticks” out of!

▼ Long umbrellas

▼ Control the shutter with your earphones!

▼ If your phone doesn’t fit nicely into the curve of the umbrella handle, simply hold it in place with elastic bands or strings.


▼ A futon tataki (a stick used for beating dust off of Japanese futons) makes a cute heart-shaped selfie stick.

▼ Floor cleaners and elastic bands work well together too!

▼ This back-scratcher looks pretty much like the real thing from the front!

▼ Not at home? Fret not, just use some branches.


▼ If you don’t have any of those lengthy items at home, 100-yen shops are the best place to get cheap tools! Just 200 yen (US$1.70) for a homemade selfie stick that looks awfully close to what is sold in stores!

If you’ve made your own makeshift selfie sticks, share your brilliant ideas in the comments section below!

Source: Spotlight via Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter (@km0916sd)