A while back we reported that Japan’s Twitter users couldn’t stop eating peaches with mozzarella cheese. We were creeped out at first, but the flavour combo even made its way into the legitimate snack companies’ repertoire, so there must have been something in it. This time, however, it seems the crazy tastebud thrillseekers out there have gone a step further by combining vanilla ice cream with avocado (and occasionally, even soy sauce).

But why would any sane person do this, and what does it taste like?

Avocado has been pretty popular in Japan for a while now, and the stylish way to eat it is either by thinly slicing it and dipping it in soy sauce (avocado “sashimi”) or by simply filling up the hole with soy sauce and scooping the creamy flesh out with a spoon. Avocadoes have also become a popular addition to smoothies, so perhaps pairing it with frozen dairy produce was just the next logical step.

But why, oh why, would you then add the soy sauce back into the mix???

To find out, let’s check out the new trend that’s sweeping Twitter. At first, we were skeptical…


▲ “Vanilla ice cream and avocado.”

But hey, actually, honey on ice cream is something we could get behind…


▲ “Avocado, vanilla ice cream and honey.”

And peaches and fruit compote sounds kind of okay…

“Avocado and vanilla ice cream with peaches and fruit compote.”

But when you start adding stuff like butter…

▲ “Avocado sauteed in butter with vanilla ice cream! So good!”


▲ “Avocado, tomatoes, peaches and ice cream. It was pretty good.”



▲ “Avocado + vanilla ice cream + soy sauce.”


▲ “Fried avocado with vanilla ice cream, covered in soy sauce.”

▲ “Lunch at  Avocado Cafe! Avocado and vanilla ice cream and soy sauce!”

▲ “Lunch at Avocado Cafe! “

Avocado Cafe, what are you doooing?

And it’s not just soy sauce. This person took it  a step further…


▲ “Avocado, vanilla ice cream and balsamic vinegar. Oh I ate too much.”

That looks truly disgusting. If any of you decide to try this at home, be sure to let us know your thoughts! We’d usually try it ourselves, of course, but we’re still feeling a bit sick from drinking too many flavours of soy milk that by rights shouldn’t exist

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: Twitter @ken_tako