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In Japanese culture, it’s believed that folding one thousand paper cranes will make your wish come true, leading this particular origami creation to represent hope and healing during challenging times. We’re not quite sure if the following video featuring five dancing paper cranes has the ability to heal anything, but it definitely has enough whimsy to make you smile.

The paper cranes themselves aren’t anything special – you can easily fold one, spindly legs included, by following this internet tutorial:

What is unique about these particular birds is their ability to dance in sync with one another. Just take a look at their skills for yourself:

Pretty good, eh? It’s amazing what you can accomplish with some magnets and SCIENCE! The video has been bouncing around Japanese sites and forums for a few days now, inspiring some to reenact their own human version of the crane dance.

Not quite as impressive as the original, but we have to give him credit. Those little leggy birds sure know how to boogie!

Source: Karapaia, Kai-You
Featured image: YouTube (Ugoita T.)