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Once you get past the age where it’s socially acceptable to splash in puddles, rainy days don’t offer much to look forward to. That goes double if you have to be out and about in a storm as opposed to just a light drizzle.

But now there’s a reason to hope that when it rains, it pours, because precipitation makes kitty silhouettes and pawmarks appear on this cute cat umbrella, and the heavier the rain, the more noticeable they become.

Back when we were being battered by the sun’s rays in August, we took a look at a parasol being offered by online retailer Izaveil that changed from solid black to a pink cat pattern in intense sunlight. Now, Izaveil is also offering a bit of kitty companionship for when you’re being pelted by raindrops instead of UV rays.

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The 2,700-yen (US$23) umbrella is decorated with felines and pawprints, which are translucent enough to be almost imperceptible when the material is dry. As it gets increasingly wet, though, the graphics change first to gray, and then to black.

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Considering that its design is encouraging you to stand in a downpour, you’ll be happy to know that Izaveil boasts the umbrella is made of an extra-water-repellant material that’s three times as effective as a normal umbrella at keeping you dry. Or perhaps we should say keeping you and your sweetheart dry, since that the 120-centimeter (47.2-inch) diameter is billed as “couple-sized.”

▼ One cat requires the same amount of space as two humans, according to this diagram.

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If crossing these black cats’ path would brighten your stormy day, the umbrella can be ordered from Izaveil here.

Source: Culture Lab
Images: Izaveil (edited by RocketNews24)