Take a moment to think back to your high school graduation. As recent or as long ago as it may have been, do you recall getting a present from your school; a nice momentum to celebrate your years there? Some of us did not even get a card from our schools, but many students in Japanese high schools, on the other hand, often get commemorative gifts, such as key chains, mugs, card holders, pearl necklaces or designer wallets

Yeah, you read that correctly. While not all graduation gifts are worthy enough to post about on the internet, this year, some kids, from apparently high-rolling educational institutions, have been posting pictures of commemorative gifts more exquisite than you could ever imagine getting from your high school or even university, for that matter.

▼ Happy graduation! Here, have two mugs from Tiffany & Co.

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▼ Tiffany must have sent out a flyer to all of the high schools.

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▼ We’re not really sure how a Tiffany mug is supposed to remind the kids of their alma mater though…

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▼ This school went with the Tiffany commuter pass case and a leather pen case instead of the mugs. Is this a downgrade or an upgrade? They’re all so posh, we can’t even tell.

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▼ Some schools thought, “Why buy from Tiffany & Co. if you’re only buying mugs?” and went out and got their female students pearl necklaces.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 17

▼ No details as to the content of these boxes, but the blue one could very well be a Tiffany necklace.

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▼ If the girls get Tiffany goods, what about the boys? Well, some schools went with wallets by designer Paul Smith.


▼ At this Osaka high school, 500 students who had perfect attendance got Gucci commuter pass cases with a list price of 20,000 yen (US$160).

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▼ Yet another pearl pendant necklace to add to the mix. But would you really want matching jewelry with every girl from your class?

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▼ More Gucci, this time in the form of a leather key case.


▼ High school graduates aren’t the only ones who get the expensive gifts, university grads at one school received Samantha Thavasa business card holders.


While the students who received these amazingly nice high school graduation presents were surprised, the parents of the kids were even more surprised. One mother stated,

“Yesterday was my daughter’s graduation ceremony. Their commemorative gifts were really surprising, the girls got things from Tiffany and the boys got Paul Smith items. I grew up in the countryside, there also must be some generation gap… really, wow.”

Oh Mom, it’s not just that these students are big city kids, nor is it just the generation gap. There were plenty of students this year, countryside or not, who got very normal gifts like inkan (name stamps used in place of a signature for signing documents), pens, non-designer business card cases, etc. Then there were those kids who got gifts that ended up being a little less grand than they’d expected, to say the least.

▼ This may be as far from designer as you can get. The grads at Ise High School got a 1.5 liter (disposable) bottle of water and a bath towel with the school’s logo. This disappointed student said, “I can’t even bring myself to put it in my bag…”

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▼ Students from this school got a ramen bowl with a commemorative message on it. Hey, at least it’s useful!

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▼ One school gave an inkan and a thumb drive shaped like a girl wearing the school’s uniform. It’s kind of cute, but also a little weird that you have to separate her body parts to use it…

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▼ This one is a little odd too, in the opposite way: A book about the history of Buddhism, another book entitled, “Well, Let’s Talk About Buddhism,” and ojuzu (Buddhist prayer beads)Based on the poster’s reaction, she didn’t graduate from a religious school.

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We don’t blame the recent grads who didn’t get highfalutin commemorative gifts for being a little jealous of the luckier kids, but on the other hand, don’t gifts from Tiffany and Swarovski seem a little bit excessive? Does graduating high school really warrant an extremely expensive gift from the school? After all, that money could have been used for something else, you know, academic related or something. Also, in the end, these expensive gifts don’t necessarily remind the kids of their school days, whereas the kids with the ramen bowls will remember their school every time they slurp noodles! What do you think? Are these fancy gifts appropriate? Which would you rather get?

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Images: Hatena/Velonica_d_aqua, Locondo, Paul Smith UK, Twitter (@NO1_KING_, @lovingg69)