Not all beauty standards are universal. For example, many Westerners might find it strange that, while tanned or darker skin is considered attractive back home, the use of skin-whitening products is the norm in many Asian countries. But what about the ideal body type? While some may adhere to a rather unrealistic and insane one, just how common is the image of the “ideal female body” across the world?

A Japanese Twitter post with two models of the same age and height got the Internet talking about just that recently when netizens began to wonder which woman fit the world’s image of the “ideal” body shape.

The image, which was retweeted more than 11,000 times, shows two 18-year-old models of roughly the same height in matching white bikinis. The woman on the left with the thinner frame and longer legs is fashion model and actress Yumi Shida. The slightly curvier woman on the right is Mizuki Hoshina, a “gravure idol”–the term for the busty swimsuit or lingerie models that appear in men’s magazines.

▼ “When you put a model next to a gravure idol to see their differences…it’s kind of cruel…”

We’re not really sure what the Twitter user meant by “cruel” here, but Japanese netizens seemed mixed on which woman best represented their preferred body type. Many argued that the long-legged model on the left represented the Photoshopped models seen all over magazines, but the woman on the right seemed more like a “real Japanese girl.” And just about everyone had their own theory about why some people preferred one woman over the other, including:

“I’m guessing virgin guys would choose the woman on the left. lol”

“Seems like men are picking the one of the right and women choose the one on the left”

“Normally I’d be into women like the one on the right, but I just really like the woman on the left”

Which woman do you think most fits your ideal body type? Record your answer in this official, and not at all very silly, RocketNews24 poll and check back later to see what our readers think!

h/t: My Game News Flash
Featured image via Twitter @fabian0318