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Japanese Twitter users can’t stop gushing over an assortment of–you guessed it–pictures of cute animals in ridiculous poses at their local pet shops. Since there appears to be a correlation between the time spent squealing over cute critters and human stress levels, we advise you to pull up a chair and start fawning right away if you’re having a less than stellar day!

I must admit, this week at work is shaping up to be a tad crazy for me, but these cute animals were just the motivational push I needed to keep moving along. Let’s let the animals take it away!

“I cracked up because the chinchilla in the pet shop area of the home goods store I went to was frozen in a kabe-don pose.” 

“At a pet shop. This guy really stood out.”

▼”There was a dog with a crooked jaw at the pet shop in Mr. Max [a discount store]. It’s pretty cute.”

▼”I saw an unusual sight at the entrance to the pet shop today.”

▼”There was an angel at the pet shop…but what’s with this sleeping pose?” 

▼”The sleeping hamster I saw at the pet shop today is incredibly cute!”

▼”The chinchilla in my neighborhood pet shop had a really funny way of sleeping LOL!”

▼”I found a cute French bulldog sleeping in a strange position at the pet shop! It’s so cute all stretched out like that. Its sleeping face was ugly yet oddly charming.”

▼”Here’s the Akita-inu puppy at the pet shop that I stopped by during lunch break. It looks comfortable like that!”

▼”The hamster that I saw today at the pet shop. It sleeps in an even more awkward pose than I do!”

▼”There was a hamster with an amazing sleeping pose at the pet shop I went to yesterday. For a moment I thought it looked like gudetama, but then I realized it looks even more like me. Sorry.” 

▼”The kitty was sleeping just like this! LOL”

▼”The cat at my local pet shop! I managed to get a picture of its ridiculous sleeping position even though the shop worker didn’t want me to.”

▼”I found this turtle at the pet shop. It looks just like the one in Finding Nemo!!”

▼”I was super impressed with the fish tanks in the pet shop corner of the home center. They could substitute for a real aquarium, and for cheaper, too!”

▼”I thought it was strange that the hamster at the pet shop had its own cage…[the sign reads ‘this little guy couldn’t play nice with his friends’].”

▼”I got a weird feeling after seeing the picture of a duck that the pet shop worker drew…look at its legs.”

▼”This pet shop turtle was wandering around supporting Japan in the World Cup.”

▼”I was surprised to see that the pet shop let their turtle roam free.”

▼”This white cockatoo was striking the coolest pose.”

Did these pictures do the trick? Wishing you a relaxed and productive rest of the day!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter (@nekoneko_full)