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I’ve never really thought of plant pots as being particularly good gifts, and buying a flowerpot for Mother’s Day has never crossed my mind (sorry mum!) But if that planter was being pulled along by a steadfast Totoro, or came with a little Jiji the cat standing guard by the flowers, it’d probably be worth a second look.

These two new designs from Studio Ghibli merchandise store Donguri Kyouwakoku are miniature plant pots featuring adorable Totoro and Jiji figures, and they’ve just been announced for a Mother’s Day release!

In the delightfully named ‘Totoro no o-todoke: yoikorasho‘, meaning “Totoros’ Delivery: Heave-Ho!”, mini Totoro carries an acorn, as the big Totoro tugs along the planter full of flowers.

▼ Once you’ve filled it with flowers, that is. (More on that later!)


The Kiki’s Delivery Service version, meanwhile, is entitled “Jiji’s Lovely Heart”.

▼ Which is a lovely name, if a little inexplicable.


For 5,780 yen (US $48), Ghibli fans in Japan can actually get the planter delivered in a package deal with a special Mother’s Day flower arrangement. These will be available to order from Donguri Kyouwakoku from March 13th (in Japan, as in many other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May).

▼ Suggested card message: “I love you mum, but not as much as I love Jiji the cat.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 16.33.56Or if a bunch of one flower type is more your kind of thing, you could go for single-colour carnations instead.

▼ These are a smidge cheaper at 4,980 yen (US $41), and unlike the online-only Mother’s Day sets, they’ll be available to order at Donguri Kyouwakoku shops across Japan.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 16.37.31

If your mum’s not the green-fingered type, fear not! Probably the best thing about these planters is that they’re not only usable as planters. At just 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) wide and 14 centimeters tall, many of these tiny pots will soon cast off their original calling in life as receptacles for flowering plants and end up as desk tidies.

▼ And totally excellent desk tidies at that.


▼ If you hurry, you could even get this cute heart pot for White Day. If you dare to forgo the usual suspects, that is!


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