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In recent years, it’s become common for anime figures to come with what’re called “effect pieces.” These little add-ons attach to the character’s fists, arms, or other body parts, adding the motion blurs, flames, or ki energy auras that make their fighting moves look so cool on-screen.

Sure, sometimes it can be a little depressing to look at Ryu’s hadoken or Goku’s kamehameha energy blast and realize it’s just a piece a piece of plastic. But hey, what choice do you have, other than effect pieces?

How about an awesome hologram projection to make you Dragon Ball Z figure’s attack look as real as possible?

Without further ado, Goku, show us what you’ve got!

Standing in the center of either a holographic projection chamber or a pyramid-shaped cell (perhaps even designed by Cell, the evil bio-android with whom Goku has faced off before), we see Goku start gathering his ki like a fired-up RocketNews24 reporter. As his power level soars, his fighting spirit bursts into flames!

ZW 5

And hey, if you’re on fire, why stop at just one color?

ZW 6

This amazingly convincing kamehameha video comes courtesy of ZW Design, a technology and software development firm located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. And while that’s a pretty cool job, we can’t help feeling a little disappointed that they are, in fact, not a monastery of superpowered martial artists from beyond our solar system.

▼ Although they do seem capable of making pinwheels levitate with their minds.

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Great work, guys. Much more of this, please!

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Source: YouTube via Anime News Network
Images: YouTube