Last year, eight-year-old Russian model Kristina Pimenova was hailed by some netizens as the “most beautiful girl in the world”. We have yet to hear of any crowning of the “most handsome boy in the world”, but one particular preteen male model has been getting increasingly popular among netizens in Asia as of late. Meet this charming little lad after the break!

Hailing from South Korea, eight-year-old Dennis Kane is of half-Australian half-Korean descent, and he has been modelling since a tender age.

Kane has been garnering quite a bit of attention online from various parts of Asia, sweeping ladies off their imaginary cyber feet with his boyish charm and adorable expressions. He even has official fan clubs (acknowledged by his mother) organized by fans in the Philippines and China! Check out these handsome shots posted by his fan clubs!

In terms of numbers, Dennis Kane doesn’t have quite as many fans as Kristina Pimenova does, but on the brighter side, we haven’t spotted any of his followers leaving creepy comments such as “sexy legs” on his photos and fanpages. He may not have any shiny “most beautiful/handsome” aliases, but he probably has the cutest smile this humble site has seen this week!

Has your heart already been captured by his bright smile? Check out Kane’s official website (in Korean), or follow his fan clubs on Facebook, Twitter or Weibo to see more of his photos!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Shine Kane (Dennis Kane) Philippines