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There are so many fashion trends in Japan that it’s hard to keep up with them all. In the past you could walk into virtually any bookstore and see a ton of fashion magazines staring back at you, begging to teach you how to dress and why your eyeshadow is all wrong for your skin tone. But print media, especially magazines, has been struggling recently and many of these fashion guides have shut up shop over the past year, never again to inform the public of the latest styles or urge us all to buy crimson deck shoes.

But fear not! Much-loved fashion mag Koakuma Ageha is returning to print and it’s apparently better than ever. From now on, it will be easier than ever to find out what set of nails are “in” and which fake eyelashes are best! So when is the first new issue out?

Koakuma Ageha (Little Demon Ageha) was once an industry leader catering to the fashion style of “age jo” (literally “young miss”). The magazine had one of the highest circulation rates in Japan, and was unique in that its target audience was hostesses, glamorous women who work in bars and clubs where their main role is to chat to and entertain male patrons. It was so highly regarded that some people called it the “textbook” or even the “bible” for hostesses.

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Unfortunately for that clientele, Inforest, the publisher of Koakuma Ageha at the time, went bankrupt and the final issue went on sale in May last year. Other than publishing a limited edition memorial book in the same year, any news of Koakuma Ageha has been almost nonexistent…until now.

The return!

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After recharging their batteries for almost a year, Koakuma Ageha is coming back to Japanese shelves near you starting on April 18 for only 680 yen (about US$5.60)! The publisher of the one-off memorial book, Dunnery Deluxe, is managing the reboot and they are promising a bigger and better magazine than ever. Neko Publishing, which supports dozens of other hobby magazines, will be in charge of the distribution of the new Koakuma Ageha.

For the first issue, the magazine is featuring tips on hair, makeup, fashion and of course lifestyle. They’re running with the slogan, “If you put in the effort, anyone can be beautiful!” and with just that desire, they will set out a plan to make a fresh start in women’s lives.

▼Tips for looks like this and more…coming soon!

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Source: NetLab
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