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While they’re not as famous as the country’s maid cafes, Japan actually has a number of butler cafes that cater to women who’re looking for a little eye candy to accompany their light fare. Being a cafe, though, means the menus often feature coffee, tea, cake, and other things that aren’t so good for your teeth.

So how can women indulge in their butler-themed daydreams while doing something that won’t lead to unsightly discoloration or cavities? Simple, by taking a trip to this dental clinic in Tokyo where they can lay their heads on a butler’s lap as he brushes their teeth for them.

The Roppongi neighborhood, being Tokyo’s nightlife capital, is usually associated with heavy drinking and all-night clubbing, topped off with a munchies-alleviating ramen run before heading for home. But there’s also a place in the neighborhood that offers some fun that’s both good and clean…for your teeth.

Taro Masuoka is the owner of the PureCure dental beauty salon, which offers a variety of services, such as facials and manicures, in addition to dental work. Among his hobbies, Masuoka lists going to curry restaurants, baking cakes, and cosplay, the last of which factors into his work.

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Masuoka has become known as the Butler Dentist, due to his performing treatments not dressed in a dental frock, but in a dapper suit. PureCure has been open since 2010, but as of this month, Masuoka is offering a brand new service.

See, even if they were following the recommended schedule of having a cleaning once every six months, patients only had two chances a year to spend time with Masuoka in his butler guise. But now, with the Quick Brushing by a Butler Dentist package, Masuoka will brush your teeth for you. For 1,500 yen (US$12.60), the sharply dressed Masuoka will work the brush over your incisors, canines and molars, all while you rest your head on his lap and gaze up at his dreamy eyes.

▼ “It’s time to brush your teeth, m’lady,” announces manga Masuoka.

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As is only appropriate for this regal treatment, PureCure doesn’t use any old off-the-shelf brand of toothpaste. Instead, Masuoka employs a specially made toothpaste that contains antibacterial natural aroma oils.

But luxurious as this service may be, there are a couple of things we can’t help wondering about. First, does having your teeth brushed while in the prone position mean you’ll have bits of food dislodged from your teeth falling back into your mouth? Second, is there a discount if you come in for a proper three brushings a day?

And finally, given the dashing image Masuoka is cultivating, how many of the women coming for this service, in order to look their best for him, just brushed their teeth before they stepped out of the house?

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Dental Beauty Salon PureCure / デンタルビューティーサロンPureCure
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi, 4-1-18, New Azabu Building 5th floor

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