Kimono are beautiful, often brightly-coloured intricate works of art as well as being items of clothing. But if you’ve ever tried one on, you’ll know that the sensation is at first somewhat akin to being wrapped in a sleeping bag or heavy roll of carpet. Even walking in a kimono can take some getting used to, and it beats me how Kyoto’s Maiko are able to dance in those things.

But in this slightly naughty commercial by Japanese internet provider UQ-WIMAX, a kimono-clad waitress at a traditional Japanese restaurant actually manages to run so fast, her kimono goes flying off!

Reliable Wi-Fi hotspots are still surprisingly hard to come by in Tokyo, so lots of people carry portable “pocket Wi-Fi” devices for when they’re out and about. With so many competing providers, it takes a really out-there commercial to grab people’s attention and convince them to pick a certain company for all their essential mobile internet needs.

This commercial by UQ-WIMAX blends comedy, traditional Japanese culture, and sex appeal into one eye-catching, if kind of low-budget, package that’s sure to have consumers dashing to get their hands on some super-fast portable internet access. Kinda like how the kimono lady in the commercial goes dashing through a shopping district.

But what is she doing, and why the need for speed?

As she bombs down the street in only her tabi socks, the waitress rips off the obi holding her kimono together in order to get that extra burst of speed she needs.

Knocking people off bicycles, flipping up old ladies’ skirts and messes up a middle-aged man’s combover, she dashes through the streets oblivious to the mayhem she’s leaving in her wake. This lady ain’t stopping for no one!

So, what’s all the running for? It turns out that she’s been chasing after a customer in order to return the pocket Wi-Fi device he presumably left in her restaurant. When she catches up with him, he’s also treated to a slightly gratuitous shot of her cleavage, as after all, she’s run right out of her clothes and is now dressed in nothing but a skimpy under-robe. Er, that’s customer service!

Check out the video below!

Source: Aol News Japan
Image: Screenshot via YouTube