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Unless you’ve been living in a (wall-less?) cave for the past year, you are likely familiar with the infamous “kabe-don“. This anime and manga sensation, which involves a (usually male) character playfully “pinning” the object of his affection to a wall by placing his hands either side of her with a thump, or “don”, has been all the rage online in Japan. But it also caused many to wonder, “Does that really happen?” and more to the point, “Would that actually work without getting head-butted or jabbed in the ribs?

It’s a staple in Japanese entertainment, so kabe-don must have worked out for someone out there, but would this sort of thing work on foreign women? Well, wonder no more, as the following video sets out to find out just that.

In 2014, this buzzword spread throughout Japan and the Internet, spawning numerous copycats and literal cat copies!

With such a passionate scene saturating the pages of shojo manga, it’s really not a surprise that it filled our TVs and Internet feeds either. Since kabe-don has become so popular in Japan, people have pondered if this sort of move would work on women from other countries. So, the YouTube channel Asian Boss took the kabe-don to the streets and experimented on numerous ladies.

After explaining to the girls exactly what a kabe-don is, the host revealed something crucial about the situation in which the move is supposed to be used: “You are attracted to me.”

Let’s see how well the move worked.

Not only did they show off the normal kabe-don, but they attempted a bunch of variations as well:

kabedon 3

kabedon 4

French Kabe-don is apparently just speaking French to the person. 

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As cool as the move looks, the most important thing is how the girls actually feel about it. And as it turns out, many of them felt that, in the right situation, this could definitely get a girl’s heart racing.

kabedon 7

Perhaps the strong, forward nature of the move evokes the image of someone sweeping them off their feet? Or, maybe the video’s makers just didn’t want to show us the times when they were openly laughed at or got kicked in the misters…

▼ That’s good advice right there.

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Source & Images: YouTube (Asian Boss)