The continent of Asia itself contains over half of the world’s population. Looking solely at the numbers, this means that there’s a much higher chance for something crazy to go down here than in other parts of the world.

So when you see pictures of people like the woman above, you might get the sense that a lot of Asians are a little bit out-there, but actually for the most part they’re just as plain as you, me or my buddy Kenji who dresses up like a panda at his local zoo and pretends to mate with another panda-dressed co-worker to encourage the real pandas to get it on.

So please keep people like Kenji in mind when viewing these 14 photos of strange occurrences around our lovely continent.

▼ Looking at this at first I wondered how the dog could stay on that thing. But the more I watch the more I wonder how anything can stay on anything in this photo, namely those glasses.

▼ We all have those days when you just can’t figure out what weather to dress for.

▼ Growing up, those boys always were the best of chum.

▼ Her parents always scolded her for her unusual way of sitting in restaurants.

▼ But mom and dad ain’t around no more, are they!

▼ That’s debatable.

▼ Considering someone is taking a picture of girls taking pictures of themselves, the one holding the shoe makes the most sense.

▼ The hairdressers keep looking back at the picture of Che Guevara for some kind of sign from him to stop braiding. It’s been 14 hours and still nothing.

▼ “Alright, I’ll distract old man Nguyen with this octopus on my head while you make off with his prized wok collection. This can’t miss!

▼ These poor young men were simply enjoying a day of dirt biking when they were attacked by Dr. Calypso and his freeze-ray. They’re currently being kept in the lab for observation.

▼ That’s probably how I’d look if I were in his situation, too.

▼ This appears to be a scene from the million-duck march of last June.

▼ They must be on the underwater level.

▼ And so, as we can plainly see in this final picture, despite the occasional eccentric Asian people eat noodles out of a pouch in a shoe in front of Jesus pictures just like everyone else.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Source: Izismile
Original article by Takashi Harada
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