dude looks like a... dude still

Who doesn’t love a good prank? Well, it might not always be so great being on the receiving end of the joke, but it sure is a lot of fun for the viewer. This Czech girl also seemed to have a lot of fun tricking her boyfriend into thinking he had slept with a ladyboy one night during their vacation in Bangkok.

During their vacation in Thailand, the girl in this video apparently decided to get back at her boyfriend one night after he drank too much and passed out. She went out and found herself a ladyboy, as you do in Bangkok, to help her out. With a couple of props (“used” condoms – ew) thrown in for good measure, the girlfriend hides in the closet and the ladyboy goes to wake the victim up.

▼”Wake up. Let’s do it agaaaain.”


Even better than the man’s reaction, I think, is the ladyboy’s performance.

▼”It’s just me here… And we did it!”


Watch it for yourself here, but just a word of caution for some expletives.

There is always speculation with these kinds of videos that they’re staged, but real or not, it’s still a pretty funny watch.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok, YouTube
Images: YouTube