Sometimes people can be a little shy about their hobbies and may not always be upfront with their friends, even if it’s something they really like. Things like cosplay or model building aren’t always seen as the epitome of cool (although, many would argue otherwise!).

When one girl was asked by a friend why she bought a fake katana (Japanese sword), she came up with a pretty terrible fake reason. However, that lie turned out to be a really good idea!

Twitter user @homoshirazu posted a photo showing the best new use of a decorative katana since cosplay for which she originally bought the piece.

[tweet https://twitter.com/homoshirazu/status/575567427313995777 align=center]

She writes:

“My friend asked why I’d buy a fake katana and in desperation I said, ‘To hang my accessories on… like necklaces and stuff.’ But actually, it works really well! I’m able to organize my necklaces and dress up as Kashu Kiyomitsu. It’s a big win-win.”

The photo shows a katana with a variety of necklaces hanging off it, which looks pretty odd, but if you’ve ever tried to untangle necklace chains, you’ll understand the benefits. It’s a pretty good idea!

Plus, she can use the sword to cosplay the character Kashu Kiyomitsu, from the online game Touken Ranbu, a game involving bringing inanimate objects – swords included – to life.

▼ Kashu Kiyomitsu is one such sword-person.

KashuuPixiv (ミツキ)

Netizens took kindly to her novel idea, and some made interesting remarks and other possible excuses for owning a fake katana:

“Whoa. Unexpected but not bad at all!”
“Weapon stores in Akihabara are going to be very profitable soon.”
“It looks like the count of how many heads this sword has cut off.”
“It’s kind of like you’re decorating the katana.”
“She’ll never have to worry about being attacked with that thing around.”
“It’ll be useful in the case of a zombie apocalypse.”

While we think that everyone should be able to freely express their hobbies and interests to their friends, this girl came up with a pretty great idea by hiding hers, so maybe there are benefits to keeping secrets after all.

Sources: Twitter (@homoshirazu) via Hamusoku, Wikia (Touken Ranbu)