It’s probably common knowledge by now that South Korea is one of, if not the most, cosmetic surgery-obsessed countries in the world. It’s a topic that has been touched on pretty regularly here on RocketNews24; last year alone we brought you news of a Korean clinic that makes art out of patients’ jawbones, a girl who underwent an enormous amount of plastic surgery to turn herself into Miranda Kerr, and a Korean reporter who changed her looks so drastically that many were left aghast.

Korean cosmetic surgery, on the whole, is geared towards achieving a standardised set of features that are considered beautiful. And while the entries for Miss Korea may or may not have had a little bit of work done at some point, it’s startling how similar they all look in their competition portraits.

How similar, you ask? Well feast your eyes upon this gif of all the Miss Korea candidates and try to work out where one girl starts and another ends.

It’s kind of hypnotic, no? If you’re not tired of looking at the same face yet, then feel free to check out our past Korean plastic surgery roundup posts here and here.

Source: Reddit via Twitter
Main Image: Twitter @gif_Time