A cop pouncing on to the roof of a car as its criminal driver tries to escape is a scene often seen in movies but hardly ever spotted in real life. That’s no dig at police officers either, as it’s perfectly understandable for them not to take high risks with their own life in pursuit of wrong-doers.

However, in China it appears that the boys in blue take their roles to heart and are willing to hop onto a speeding car if duty calls for it. The following are two examples taken from earlier this year.

First up we have a brief glimpse of what happened from an intersection camera in the northern province of Liaoning.

Unfortunately it’s a fixed camera so our view is limited but we can clearly see a taxi cab with a man in uniform on top. Just as the car drives onto the sidewalk and out of sight we can also see the officer get thrown to the ground.

According to the description by BestNewsAZ who posted the video, the driver of the cab was apparently spooked by something while getting pulled over and decided to drive off. The officer originally grabbed onto the front hood of the car to make the driver stop, but as the car sped up he got flung onto the roof before falling off and sustaining multiple injuries.

As an added bit of interesting behavior, check out the couple crossing the street at the top of the screen at the same time as this incident. Look at them just meandering across that busy intersection like a pair of lost alpacas straight in front of another taxi.

Moving along, over in Shanghai we have what appears to be a routine car check at an intersection when a reportedly drunk driver decides to make a break for it and pull a U-turn.

One of the cops approaches the car to stop it when it tries to run him over, or judging by its very slow speed just scare him off.

This officer must have had his bowl of nails for breakfast though as he proceeds to start punching the car. That option never would have occurred to me in that situation but good on him for trying. His partner tries to help out but gets flung rather painfully into a railing as the vehicle makes off with the other officer still on the hood. Just as the car leaves we see the policeman’s hat tumble onto the ground.

However, it’s not finished yet. Another intersection camera picks up the car with the traffic cop still on top. This time the perpetrator slams into the rear end of a stopped car causing the officer to fly several feet.

A quick-thinking motorist parks his car beside the criminal’s pinning its doors shut and preventing him from escaping on foot. He then goes and checks on the policeman who appears conscious and moving but likely injured.

It’s hard not to feel respect for these guys putting their lives on the line to protect public safety, but it also serves as a reminder that you should always stay sharp because danger can break out in any job be it issuing traffic citations, firefighting, or serving burgers to Mr. Sato.

Source: YouTube – BestNewsAZ, ALLTVCHANNEL2 via Turbo Bee (Japanese)