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We’ve already seen all sorts of bizarre things go down inside Asian airports, from a woman drying her underwear to a government official causing rage-induced destruction. Now we can add a new one to that list–a Chinese man was recently spotted cooking rice on the floor of the Hong Kong International Airport. 

Migrant worker Wu Jiayong from Shandong Province in eastern China was spotted cooking up a meal on the floor of the departures lobby on the morning of Sunday, March 8. According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily press who interviewed him, he was making his way back home from a month of working as a construction worker in Singapore, where he had not eaten a proper meal all month due to the constraints of a tight budget.

Upon realizing that he had mistaken the time of his flight and missed it, stressed and famished, Wu tried buying something at the nearby convenience store only to be put off by the price. Instead, he set up his rice cooker to cook the remaining rice he had left, plugging the appliance into a wall socket usually reserved for the airport maintenance staff and filling it with water from the airport’s bathroom sink. Unsurprisingly, his actions attracted more than a few stares, with one woman taking a video of the spectacle, which soon went viral after she shared it online.

The following day, a reporter from Hong Kong’s Apple Daily tracked Wu down as he was waiting for his newly scheduled flight to the mainland. After hearing his story, the reporter generously offered to buy Wu a meal and put him up in a hotel for the night.

According to the most recent reports, Wu has since made it home safely, and has also expressed his gratitude to the Hong Kong reporter who had shown him kindness in the airport.

Net users had mixed reactions to Wu’s actions in the airport, with some feeling sympathetic for the hungry traveler and others commenting that it was rude behavior for a public location. In addition, Hong Kong International Airport representatives stated that Wu could face a fine of HK$10,000 (US$1,288) and three months of jail time for using the airport’s electrical socket without permission. 

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Top image: Apple Daily