The steady expansion of Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train lines is a project welcomed by everyone from train fans to average citizens who just wants to get around the country as easily as possible. Last Friday saw the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, the line connecting Tokyo with the Hokuriku region. The newest train stations are located in Toyama and Ishikawa Prefectures, but all the attention on-line is actually focused on Fukui Station!

Though the Shinkansen line won’t actually make it to Fukui Prefecture until 2025, people still love the station, which currently serves a variety of JR and Echizen lines, thanks to its Jurassic Park-like scenery. That’s right, Fukui Station is overrun by dinosaurs!


In the tweet above, you can see Fukui Station and a few of the dinosaur statues that stand outside of it. Note the kick-ass dinosaur painting on the station wall too!

The Twitter user above had a slightly different take on the awesomeness pictured, though.

“I’m less surprised by the dinosaurs and more by how many people there are at Fukui Station!”

Well, we admit it isn’t the most populous prefecture in Japan, but we reckon it can still gather a proper dinosaur-loving crowd!


While you can’t tell from the photos, the dinosaurs aren’t just normal boring statues. They also move and make noise!

▼ “Life, uh, finds a way.

Kind of makes you wonder just how many paleontologists Fukui Prefecture will end up producing in the next few decades…

In addition to the statues, there is plenty of other awesomeness as well, like these murals!


Though maybe not everyone is a fan? One Twitter user above commented, “On front of the station, there are like 3-D dinosaurs. Heeeeey! Fukui Prefecture! You’re pushing the whole dinosaur thing waaaaaaay too much!”

We have to disagree. It’s simply not possible to get too excited about dinosaurs!

There are even dinosaurs inside the station too! The tweet above reads:

“Good evening. I’m heading home from work. There was a dinosaur at Fukui Station.”

But, good sir, that is most definitely no ordinary dinosaur. That is clearly Philosoraptor!

If you’re wondering why Fukui Station is apparently suffering from a dinosaur infestation, there is actually a very good reason. And, no, it wasn’t because they got all their decorating ideas from a room full of 6-year-old kids.

▼ You don’t have to be 6 to enjoy dinosaurs though.


Actually, Fukui is home to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum! Oddly enough, the museum isn’t actually anywhere near Fukui Station though–it’s roughly an hour away by train in Katsuyama City. However, this is Japan’s only museum focused exclusively on dinosaurs, and considered one of the top three dinosaur museums in the world. There have been also a number of dinosaur fossils found in Fukui Prefecture, including a new herbivore discovered in 2008.

So if you love dinosaurs and Japan, Fukui Prefecture might just be the best place in the world for you!

Sources: Togech
Images: Twitter (@ts_mishurun)