A few years ago when I lived in northern Japan, I and the other resident foreigners were pretty excited when we first heard that a new H&M would be opening in Sendai. The store would be a familiar, inexpensive alternative to Uniqlo, and we wouldn’t have to travel all the way to shop at the Tokyo store, after all.

It’s too bad that I’m not around anymore to check out H&M’s spring 2015 fashion line, which includes some adorable Japan and anime-inspired prints. But wait–we can buy some of them overseas, too!? 

The Swedish clothing giant’s new spring offerings include a handful of items designed in an adorable, colorful ‘Akihabara style’!

While we don’t have specific availability information for different regions, a quick browse through the new arrivals section of H&M’s US website revealed that at least one of the items can be found in both US and Japanese H&M stores, one seems to be exclusive to the US, and the rest are exclusive to Japan. 

Here are all five of the Japan-themed spring clothing items we could find after perusing the official websites: 

1. Patterned sweatshirt: Anime girl sailor uniform style

This colorful sweatshirt is decorated with the image of a cute anime-style girl wearing a sailor uniform. Her long, pink hair and overall design seems to channel the character Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate the Combat Butler.

Price: Japan 1,990 yen/America US$24.95



2. Patterned leggings: Anime girl sailor uniform style

If you’re buying the sweatshirt, why not go all out and get some leggings to match? There’s no such thing as too much moe, after all.

Price: Japan 1,490 yen ($12.28)



3. Jersey short top: Sushi 

Here’s a perfect addition to the closet of any sushi-loving lady. By the way, the Japanese word kawaii (“cute”) is scribbled in pink across the whimsical raw fish design.

Price: Japan 1,190 yen ($9.80)



4. Jersey short top: Anime sailor uniform style

This one is undeniably based on a simple anime-style sailor uniform design. Better yet, pair this shirt with one of countless Sailor Moon-themed accessories for the full effect!

Price: Japan 1,190 yen ($9.80)



5. Printed knit sweater: “Kawaii Cutie”

Finally, we have this bright pink and fluffy sweater which will make you want to scream kawaii (quite literally, in fact). Don’t be alarmed if you start shedding pink threads of kawaiiness all over the floor…

Price: America $24.95 (3,029 yen)



Good luck finding these items at an H&M store near you!

Source: ITmedia Inc.
Images: H&M (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)