When it comes to achieving feline fame and fortune on the internet, it helps to have a gimmick. Grumpy Cat’s got her perma-frown. Maru loves to goof around in boxes. But now there’s a new kitty on the block who’s kind of the whole package.

He’s huge and fluffy, and with his big paws, any time he’s around is a great photo op. Whether he’s playing with children, taking a bath, or opening doors, Toro’s got that star quality that’s already made him a huge hit on Twitter.

Jumbo-sized Toro might look like he’s got some rare form of feline gigantism, but he’s actually a perfectly normal example of his breed. Maine Coons are known for their large frames, long, luxurious coats, fluffy, pointed ears and massive paws. Toro shot to fame when his owner started uploading a variety of pictures of him to his Twitter account, FakeYashu.

▼ Here’s Toro as an adorable tiny kitten. Look at that snowy white fur and those perfect pink toe beans!

▼ Before, and after, a whole lot of growing up!

▼ As we mentioned, Maine Coons are famous for their fluffy ears and oversized paws, which Toro is dutifully showcasing in this pic.

▼ Check out that yawn! He’s like a baby lion!

▼ Like all good kitties, he enjoys playing with boxes.

▼ Toro also helps around the house by babysitting and keeping his little human company.

▼ The two of them love to watch TV together.

▼ They also eat every meal together!

▼ Toro’s not a big fan of strawberries, it seems.


▼ Toro, taking this “stuff on my pet” meme photo op with good humour.

▼ Remember when we reported recently that Japan’s cats have been really getting into the Hina Matsuri celebrations this year? Well, Toro’s no exception!

▼ Look at the size of him!


▼ Toro’s body length makes him super-stretchy and tall.

▼ Look how much fur Toro sheds after a brushing! You can never wear black in Toro’s house.

▼ Toro also loves bath time. Not his own bath time, of course.

▼ No, Toro prefers to watch…

▼ Toro isn’t all sweetness and light, though. He has a dark side, and maintains his place as top cat in the pecking order by beating up his chum every now and then.

▼ …Or is he just feeling frisky? Yikes, what is this, kitty purr-n?

▼ He’s even got his own fan-art!

▼ Finally, here’s a video of Toro opening a door. No opposable thumbs? No problem with paws this size!

If you’d like to see more of Toro in the future and help him on his way to super-stardom, be sure to follow his owner on Twitter!

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: Twitter @FakeYashu