When it comes to competition swimwear, most of us immediately think of is the kind of gear we see worn by professional swimmers. Trends have shifted over the years as technology improved and demands have changed; swimsuits with racerbacks and varying leg lengths to cater to different needs, preferences and races are most commonly seen on female professional swimmers today.

Last week, Japanese “fetish swimsuit” maker REALISE released a new “competition swimsuit” that changed everyone’s perspective on racing swimwear. Instead of having an open back like many Speedo or TYR suits do, REALISE’s revolutionary design has an open front, allowing its wearers to show off their bosoms, just because. As always, the trend-sensitive Twitter users of Japan were quick to respond to the new fashion statement and… well, just see for yourselves after the break! (Needless to say, some of these illustrations are NSFW.)

In competitive swimming, a split-second can be all it takes to determine a winner, and competitive swimsuits are designed to help swimmers achieve better timing by reducing drag. Most suits seen on Olympians are made with high performance fabric and fit their bodies like a glove, enabling them to torpedo through the water like an eel. It’s all about achieving maximum speed.

Where fetish swimming costumes are concerned, however, the amount of skin exposure obviously has more importance over the nitty-gritty details for speed. REALISE’s new product, known as the “front zipper competition swimsuit costume”, features a high neck cutting and has a zipper that opens halfway down the front, and can be worn in three different styles.

▼ Available in three color variations.

Within just a couple of hours of the maker’s official tweet, the ever-efficient artists and bosom appreciators lurking on Twitter started uploading fan art inspired by the front zipper swimsuit. The swimsuit might not be designed for speed, but these talented Twitter dwellers sure are speedy!






▼ There aren’t many, but not-super-endowed girls have joined the party too.

After last year’s booby turtleneck sweater boom, it seems like fashion makers have found the sure-fire way to profitable sales, and that is to create openings that show off some chest. The front zipper competition swimsuit costume retails for 12,960 yen (approximately US$107) and was released just over a week ago, but is already completely sold out! If you would like to purchase one, follow REALISE on Twitter, or keep checking their website for latest news!

▼ Boobs aside, the front zipper swimsuit has some uncanny similarities with Razor Ramon HG. Just saying…

Source: Game Over
Top image: Twitter (@asita_2012)