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Quite often, anime characters are designed to radiate an aura of perfection, with absolutely unblemished skin and perennially perfectly styled hair. But myopia is one shortcoming that fans have proven to be widely accepting of, and many have a soft sport for anime characters who wear glasses.

But what if you feel like adding glasses to one who’s already got 20-20 vision? In that case, you’ll want this clever glasses stand/calendar that puts your specs on one of seven different anime characters.

With the 2015 iteration of trade show Anime Japan just around the corner, merchandisers are putting the finishing touches on their latest products. In the case of Sanzigen, that means the company is getting ready to show off its calendar featuring cast members of science fiction/naval warfare franchise Arpeggio of Blue Steel.

The eight-page desk calendar is designed like a spiral notebook and folds into a triangular shape. Each of the calendar pages features a character from the anime taking up most of the space, plus the days of two months per page running along the bottom edge of the paper.

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▼ For some reason, Sanzigen is keeping the artwork from the last page a secret for the time being.

As can be seen in the above photos, each page also has two slots cut into the top edge, which extend down to where the character’s ears would be situated. Simply unfold your glasses’ earpieces and slide them into the openings to complete the effect.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s blue-tressed I-401 sporting blue eyewear.

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On the downside, the all-paper design means Sanzigen’s anime eyeglass stand probably isn’t quite as sturdy as the last such product we looked at. It makes up for this, though, by giving you a new character to look forward to every other month.

▼ This photo of Miss August/September Takao shows the results are actually pretty realistic-looking.

Sanzigen will be selling the calendar/stands at its booth at Anime Japan, which will be held on March 21 and 22 at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center. The item itself is being offered for 2,000 yen (US$17), or for 5,000 yen bundled with a set of non-prescription glasses from manufacturer Iona that are designed to lessen the strain on your eyes when staring at a computer monitor for an extended period of time. Each purchaser is limited to a maximum of three calendars.

While Sanzigen hasn’t officially announced where else the item will be available, the company’s description of the costs above as “event prices” seem to indicate that, should the glasses stands see a favorable reaction, eventually they’ll be available online or at anime retailers. That still leaves one concern, though: How’re you supposed to admire the character of the month’s newly bespectacled face if you can’t see without your glasses?

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