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If you visit Japan, you’re bound to come across any of a number of establishments catering to men, from maid cafes, to “girls bars” and hostess clubs. But not to worry, ladies, there’s lots of fun to be had for you too, and you’re especially lucky if you have a fondness for men with a bit more in the muscle department, because next month a Macho Cafe will be opening in Tokyo, and it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be.

The cafe will be open for a one-day event on Sunday, April 5 in the Nakano district of Tokyo. But how did the idea for a macho cafe come about? Well, according to its official website: “We wondered, why are there cafes that offer coffee from carefully selected beans, but no cafes that offer carefully selected macho men?” Well that’s cleared that up, then…

▼Finest quality premium roast, hand-selected by our fair-trade body builders

macho macho man


While it is still being given a few finishing touches, Macho Cafe will be open for a one-day event, staffed by their friendly, “carefully selected” waiters. Guests can dine on a number of delicious protein-packed dishes off the menu, which the men themselves put together. Pick from appetizers like their salted egg-whites (500 yen/$US4.12) or oatmeal (700 yen/$5.77), or for a more filling meal, try the “Macho-ed eggs ~Double-bicep flavor~” for 1,500 yen ($12.36). This comes with scrambled egg-whites topped with a tomato sauce made from fresh Italian tomatoes, and is served with brown rice-flour bread, though the menu fails to inform us what exactly bicep-flavor tastes like.

In addition to food and drinks, the menu also offers special services such as a signed photo from your favorite macho, a Polaroid photo taken with your favorite guy, or a 15-minute chat with one of the muscular men as he sits with you at your table, each at the unbeatable price of 500 yen. There is also a “Wall of Meat” (Niku no Kabe in Japanese) for 3,000 yen, but since the only description given of this is “It’s a wall of meat”, you’ll just have to go with your imagination on this one. Or, if you’re planning to be in the area at the time, you can stop by and find out for yourself!

Macho Cafe
Location: nakano f Tokyo-to Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-46-10 J’s Court 1F Date: April 5, 2015 (Sunday), 10am-8pm
Entrance fee: 1,500 yen (For 90 minutes)
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