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Delays at airports are often inevitable due to congested air traffic or technical difficulties, or because the evil cabal of airline operators deemed it time for more delays. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly frustrating to have to wait an extra hour on the tarmac while children scream, people shuffle around, and someone possibly has an Alec Baldwin-esque outburst.

But these woes are nothing compared to what people at Japan’s Naha Airport endured when three tourists accidentally wandered back into the departures area and single-handedly put the entire airport on lockdown March 9.

We hopefully all know what it’s like to be the wide-eyed tourist with no idea where to go, and we’re certainly all used to your typical airport’s ridiculously difficult-to-navigate series of nondescript corridors that might as well be Phobos Moon Base, so don’t go too hard on the three Chinese girls who caused the panic when we tell you that their slip-up – considered a severe breach of airport security – led to five canceled flights, 12 delays and people who were waiting for their planes in departures being herded back out and re-inspected at security.

Quite how the girls managed to turn back and walk through the airport’s departures-only gate is unclear, but it was enough put security services on high alert.

It goes without saying that everything basically went bananas in the ensuing chaos of people being herded back and forth, while others milled around waiting for their delayed flights. Others still were surely muttering under their breath that it was probably all Alex Baldwin’s fault.

The girls were apparently on their way to Haneda Airport – presumably to fly back home – after visiting around some of Japan’s farther-flung places. Still, at least they’ll have something else to remember their trip by…

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Feature Photo: Twitter