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If you’re looking forward to action role-playing game Final Fantasy XV and also happen to have a love for the outdoors, then we have some exciting news for you. A Japanese video game news site has recently uncovered some more details on the “camping” feature in Square Enix’s forthcoming title where characters can rest, manage stats and cook food. And to emphasize just how important camping will be to the storyline, Square Enix has partnered with outdoor equipment Coleman to bring its camping gear, such as tents, chairs and stoves, straight into the world of Final Fantasy.

While product placement in a popular movie or TV series is hardly new, having a very real brand in the next installment of Final Fantasy is a risky bet for a video game with the word “fantasy” right there in the title. Although Coleman is American, the company is very well-known in Japan so it makes sense that Square Enix would choose the brand to connect the fantasy video game to real-world outdoor enthusiasts, and Japanese video game site Famitsu posted some screen shots of the camping scenes in the game with the Coleman logo clearly seen on some of the equipment.

▼ Nothing like relaxing in a Coleman chair and sleeping in a Coleman tent after a long day of battling monsters, ghouls and the undead


Image: Coleman

▼ Camping in the wilderness without losing their perfect hairdos? Now we understand where the “fantasy” comes into play


Image: Coleman

The news of beloved RPG series’ foray into product placement came just ahead of the March 20 release of a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV called Episode Duscae. And it seems like camping will be available in the demo for gamers to find out for themselves how it feels to cook over a virtual Coleman-branded stove.

The news made Japanese netizens pretty cynical about the future of the gaming industry and whether this kind of product placement would become the norm in future video games. Although a few gamers said they couldn’t care less what is being advertised as long as the gameplay and story line are good. And a few netizens said they love Final Fantasy so much, they couldn’t wait to buy some Final Fantasy-branded Coleman camping gear.

What do you think about Final Fantasy featuring Coleman’s logo so clearly in the game? Does product placement take away from the Final Fantasy experience or should Square Enix be applauded for finding a unique way to pay the bills? Let us know in the comments below what you think as well as recommendations for the next product placement opportunity in the Final Fantasy universe!

Source: Famitsu, h/t Hachimakikou
Feature Image: Square Enix