this is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny

Ever wonder what would happen if all your favorite superheroes got together to battle it out in a game of soccer/football? While we regret not thinking it up first, the folks over at Ronnie Street Stunts ran with their brilliant idea, bringing together heroes from comics, video games, and novels alike and pitting them together in the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. Good guys, bad guys, and explosions all included!

When you bring together super heroes from different worlds, each with their own unique powers, the face-off is bound to be intense.


Not only are there everyone’s favorite comic book heroes, like Superman and Spider-Man, you also get some of the X-Men mutants, force-wielding Jedi, and even Mario and Street Fighter’s Ken showing us their moves.



Bookworms, you haven’t been forgotten. It may not be any quidditch match, but this game sure gives our wand-wielder a run for her money.


And if all that hasn’t already blown you away…


…you may just want to check out the full video instead!

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Source: YouTube via Kotaku Japan
Images: YouTube