Imagine you’re a child heading to the neighborhood sandbox. You’ve been waiting all day for Mom and Dad to let you loose in the sand so you can build the castle to end all castles. You just know this one will be the best yet, with little sticks for flags and maybe even a moat. But as you approach the sandbox, you notice a huge structure looming out of the sand. A hulking, spiked shell with writhing feelers on one end

Turns out this scene might not be so far-fetched, as netizens recently took to Twitter to display the most awe-inspiring, bizarre, and downright unsettling sandbox art we’ve ever seen.

▼ “Beach sand is nice and all… but this sandbox art is unreal! Crazy good… It’ll be even better if this ends up going to the neighborhood kids.”

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Is that you, Ohm?

▼ “I built a burial mound in the park sandbox.”

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We can just picture a team of experts scratching their heads over this one a hundred years from now.

▼ “Lately kids do these kinds of things in the sandbox.”

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The cards come from Duel Masters, a popular trading card game. Might this be some kind of battle formation?

▼ “Some sand art that Ayumi and a friend made.”

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The way the woman’s hair melds into the sand makes it look like she just fell asleep there and… never woke up again.

▼ “I made this in the sandbox and started shouting, ‘There’s something here! There’s something here!’ The kids freaked out.”

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This one’s going to make a great dad someday.

▼ “Lol wow, someone really pulled out all the stops at the neighborhood sandbox.”

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▼ “Looks like the college students had some fun in the sandbox.”

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Ten times bigger than the real one, and no lines!

▼ “At the public sandbox in the sand dune museum: Anpanman.”

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Cute, though some might wonder where the rest of him is.

▼ “Alright, who went crazy in the sandbox?”

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Source: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter