A recent photo shoot uploaded to the photography site Pakutaso has gotten a lot of attention online for its somewhat bizarre theme and pretty model. The photos, which were provided by “Timeslip Joshi Kosei” (or “Timeslip High School Girls”), depict a model 19-year-old model travelling “back in time” to her high school days and going on a date.

The photos, which are all shot from the point of view of her date, portray a pleasant high school romance. Which makes us think that whoever organized this photo shoot doesn’t actually know what dating in high school is like…

▼ …or just what the hell is happening in this photo.

Timeslip (6)

Timeslip Joshi Kosei is a model agency with a very particular focus: they take adult women and dress them up in high school uniforms, as if they had “slipped back in time.” The photos portray the women/timeslip high school girls on dates, though their romantic partners are, as you might expect, almost entirely left out of the photos.

▼ I cheer for you, faceless boyfriend!

Timeslip (5)

Their mission is to remind Internet users of their high school romances, bringing back nostalgic memories. Which sounds all well and good, but I can’t help thinking that the creators must have had a very different high school experience from mine.

▼ For example, I don’t remember petting anyone….

Timeslip (3)

On their website, Timeslip Joshi Kosei has a list of their models, each with short galleries showing them as adults and in their “timeslip high school” form. Since most of the models are still in their early 20s, we suppose it’s not quite as weird as it first might seem. On the other hand, there’s this…

▼ Is she leaning in for a kiss or did she fall asleep in math class?

Timeslip (4)

The photo shoot with model Yuka Kawamura we have here is the result of a collaboration between Timeslip Joshi Kosei and Pakutaso, a website that provides photos for free for use on the Internet. In addition to these photos, Pakutaso actually has a fairly large selection available for use, with everything from tomatoes to wet cats to more lenses flares than a J.J. Abrams movie.

▼ And Pocky! This is kind of a two-for-one deal.

Timeslip (7)

We suppose this means the photos are now yours to use freely on your website, though you should probably make sure you’re not violating any part of the Terms of Service. Sadly, it’s all in Japanese, but, on the other hand, this is Internet, so it’s not like anyone would read the ToS even if they were in English!

▼ “We’re not dating. This is my punishment for violating the iTunes ToS.”

Timeslip (2)

Timeslip Joshi Kosei has also announced they’ll be releasing a photo book this summer in June. So if photos of adults wearing high school uniforms going on solitary dates is something that you want in your life, you only have to wait a few more months!

Now, we’re just really hoping one of these photos turns into the next big meme. The photo below seems like it would be perfect, doesn’t it?

Timeslip (1)

▼ Kind of like this!


Well, we’re sure you can do better, so be sure to share yours in the comments! The best meme wins our respect and the creator gets the everlasting knowledge that they have made the world a better place by making us smile!

Source: Kaiyou, Timeslip Joshi Kosei, Pakutaso
Images: Pakutaso