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While a certain amount of God-given natural good looks are generally necessary to get your foot in the door of professional modeling, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making a successful career out of it. Having your whole livelihood tied up in being physically attractive means sticking to beauty, diet, and fitness regimens, and we’re sure Miranda Kerr’s are stricter than most of ours.

Of course, Kerr is only human, and apparently she too feels the pull of a filling, fortifying meal of tonkatsu pork cutlet, as shown in this new Japanese commercial starring the Australian fashion icon. In a twist ending, though, the item Kerr’s pitching isn’t clothing, cosmetics, or even the delicious Japanese food she’s seen chowing down on.

The ad opens with Kerr in front of the cameras, with bursts from the flashbulbs punctuating her switch from one stylish outfit to another.

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But while she conducts herself like the pro that she is, the song playing in the background reveals her inner monologue to us. The opening lyrics translate as, “I want to eat tonkatsu! Just can’t get that thought out of my head.”

▼ Her eyes say, “Come hither…and bring me some pork.”

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Once work is done, Kerr can finally do something about satisfying her cravings, and dashes off to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.

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Deftly handling her chopsticks, Kerr quickly polishes off her tonkatsu, plus all of her cabbage (she must have read our article about why the two are always served together). At the very end of her meal, though, she pulls something out of her purse.

▼ Restaurants normally frown on customers bringing in outside beverages, but we guess they make exceptions for celebrities.

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So what’s her post-meal beverage of choice? Suntory’s Black Oolong Tea, made with ingredients the company says are effective in blocking the body from absorbing fat. We’re not sure how scientifically accurate that claim is, but Kerr still looks quite svelte as she strides out into the late Los Angeles afternoon.

▼ To the commercial’s credit, the City of Angels does have a lot of Japanese restaurants.

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If nothing else, it’s nice to know that professional models get hit by fried pork cravings just as strong as ours, even if they look a lot more photogenic while giving in to them.

Source: AOL Japan
Images: YouTube