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In the world of anime, it seems like Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza is the man/alien of the hour. Not only does he have a new cola endorsement deal that also gives him a chance to show off his slick dance moves, he’s also set to play a big role in next month’s brand-new Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F theatrical feature.

Now, if you’re one of the many fans with a fondness for this particular Dragon Ball Z antagonist, you’ve got the chance to wear your love of Frieza on your sleeve, or really your whole upper body, with two new T-shirts and a tote bag that pay tribute to the galactic emperor.

Despite his cool-as-ice name, one of Frieza’s most memorable moments comes from him getting hot under the collar. After finally gathering all seven of the wish-granting Dragon Balls on the planet Namek, Frieza’s ambitions were foiled by the often underestimated duo of Krillin and Dende. Overcome with rage, Frieza roaredZettai ni yurusan zo mushikera domo!” at the pair.

While the sentence directly translates as “I won’t forgive you, you worms!” anime apparel company Cospa has instead chosen to go with the more colorful rendition “You’ll pay for this, you filthy insects!!!!!” for one of its new Frieza shirts.

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The 3,122 yen (US$26) all-cotton T-shirt is available in your choice of basic black or top-of-Frieza’s head purple. And just in case the design isn’t in-your-face enough for you, how about plastering Frieza’s face all over your torso with this eye-catching alternative?

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The Frieza full graphic T-shirt, also made entirely from cotton, is pricier at 6,480 yen, but provides even more dynamic impact with its all-color artwork and dramatic effect lines.

Finally, Cospa is also offering a cotton Frieza tote bag for 2,160 yen. The shoulder strap is long enough to wear across your body, and there’s also a button-closable interior pouch. Cospa says it’s for storing your phone or wallet, but we think it’d also be a swell place to keep however many Dragon Balls you’ve collected so far.

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All three items can be ordered directly from Cospa (here, here, and here). The shirts with English text and tote bag are both expected to go on sale in mid-May, with the full graphic tee hitting the market later that month, meaning that customers will probably have theirs before Resurrection of F’s theatrical run ends. That’s good to know, because Frieza apparently went to the trouble of getting new duds in preparation for his latest big screen appearance, so it’s only fitting that his fans do so too.

Source: Famitsu
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