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There are “impressive” people in every fandom, but Japanese anime, manga and game fans certainly know how to take things over the top. There are more volumes to read, more episodes to watch, and more merchandise to buy than for just about any other fandom out there. You never knew you wanted a mint case cover adorned with your favorite character until you saw it there in the store.

If you have the money to spend, Japan will have made something for you to buy. A self-proclaimed Swiss otaku seems to have some extra cash, and he often uses it to take his fandom beyond anything you could possibly imagine. His recent set of tweets are causing a ruckus on the Internet and most people can only muster one simple question: Why???

Tweeting under the name @meidocafe, this super fan is happy to share all the odd and strange things that he’s got going on. For some, his content might be a little cringeworthy, but he definitely knows what his followers want and he always delivers. Sometimes he even over-delivers.

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This…interesting…set of tweets begins with a character from KanColle. If you aren’t hip to the Kantai Collection, this particular character is Yudachi Kai Ni, a new version of an older character, whose face is in her signature “poi” pose. The Japanese word poi usually expresses the likeness of something to the noun before it, so for example, “kodomoppoi” would mean childlike. In this case, it is the character’s catch phrase or verbal tic, and she often adds it to the end of her sentences. In fact, this is the face she makes when she is saying her catchphrase, making this her “poi” face.

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As you can tell from the pictures, Yuudachi’s face is plastered all over the room, and it’s not just any room. It appears these pictures have covered the wall of a men’s bathroom! How does one calmly relieve oneself in the presence of so many watching eyes?

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Even @meidocafe can’t stand the new decorations and he decides to tear it all down.

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This is apparently what you do when you have a lot of free time, and enjoy doing zany things for your fans. If this wasn’t enough for you, he’s also got other projects, like a 30 minute video of him licking all of his figures. It’s something he really enjoys, and he wants to share it with all of you!

[tweet align=center] [tweet align=center]

If you want more of his antics, you can follow him all over social media, he tweets and shares photos on his flickr @Meidocafe and he posts videos on YouTube under Melon pan. This is probably not the last weird thing he will do on the Internet, so tune in next time on “Extreme Swiss Otaku!”

Source: Culture Lab
Images: Twitter (@Meidocafe)