Watches are, oddly enough, a timeless accessory. Kids wear them, adults do too, and grandparents hand them down as family heirlooms. This has been going on for centuries, and even nowadays people go nuts for cute watches, fancy watches, and now, smart watches.

With the recent announcement of the Apple Watch people are preparing their wrists and their wallets for the new meeting of fashion and technology. Even tech whiz kids, dare we say “Smart Kids,” want in on the action, but some people, like artist Hiné Mizushima, don’t really see the need for kids to have real Apple Watches, so she created a clever and adorable felt alternative.

Mizushima, a Japanese artist living in Canada, is known for her various art productions, namely stop-motion puppet animation and felt sculptures. Using her felt manipulating skills, she created a (Super Low-Tech) Apple Watch designed for kids.

▼ Aw, it looks so cute on this little tyke’s wrist.


Sure it might not have “cold-forged stainless steel,” but it does have really soft felt. You don’t need the “scratch-resistant sapphire crystal” of the real Apple Watch because this one has real buttons made of, well, actual colorful buttons. The band may not be “high-performance fluoroelastomer,” (whatever that is) but there are three bright colors to choose from!

▼ No fancy metal bands found here.


So, if your kids beg and plead to play with your Apple Watch, you can instead give them one of their own and not worry about putting a terribly expensive gadget into the hands of a possibly destructive, accidental-message-sending youngster.

▼ You can rest assured that these buttons do not send embarrassing pictures.


Or if your teenager is pestering you about getting a smart watch, this is a perfect way to play a hilarious prank on them, but be prepared for some storming off and door slamming!

Mizushima’s (Super Low-Tech) Apple Watches will be available on her Etsy page soon, along with her other adorable felt creations. Adults can definitely wear one too, but be warned that people may catch on that it’s not the real deal.  The felt one’s cuter anyway, though, so who cares?!

Source: Hiné Mizushima via Gizmodo, Apple
Images: Hiné Mizushima