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There are certain animals that Japan has an established soft spot for. Cats and dogs are at the top of the list, which includes adorable dark horses like capybaras and rabbits too.

Chipmunks, though, don’t have such a huge following in Japan, probably due to the fact that the animals just aren’t that common in the country. But while most Japanese people don’t often get a chance to see them in the wild, plenty of them have been watching this chipmunk who’s become a rising Internet star thanks to the video of his adorable morning stretching routine.

Say hello to Bikke, star of YouTube channel Bikke the Chip. Like most of us, he’s got a morning routine he follows, but instead of such old favorites as hitting the snooze button on your alarm a half-dozen times, chowing down on a plateful of crispy bacon, or pushing aside the pile of empty beer cans and whiskey bottles you collapsed next to, Bikke starts his day with a bit of healthy physical activity by going through a series of stretches.

Heart-meltingly cute stretches.

Bikke apparently has free fun of his owner’s house, and likes to scamper up onto the bed before he gets started. From there, his options are wide open, including flattening himself like a pancake…

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…arching his back and extending his tail…

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…and simply reaching out as far as he can with his limbs and digits.

▼ He almost looks like he’s doing yoga here.

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Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that these are chipmunk stretches, which means proper attention must also be given to the muscles of the cheek pouches.

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Now that he’s properly limbered up, Bikke is ready for the rest of his day, which sometimes means dancing with his owner.

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On other days, though, with the exercise box already checked off his to-do list, Bikke is free to indulge in less strenuous hobbies, like video games.

▼ He’s apparently a Kingdom Hearts fan.

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But while those last two are occasional pastimes for the chipmunk, the stretching is something Bikke does every day. So the next time you’re feeling groggy in the morning, why not fire up the little critter’s video and stretch along? A little light exercise is a great way to kick-start your brain, and it’s hard to beat cute pet videos to put a smile on your face that’ll stay there all day.

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