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It was around this time last year that a 7-Eleven in east Japan posted a desperate plea for help in stopping the ravages of a feline shoplifter. This came on the heels of an earlier article in which we covered a number of concessions granted by convenience store workers to similar furry intruders, no doubt having been coerced under threat of scratches.

These incidents might well lead one to believe that Japan is some kind of modern-day Wild West where cats run unchecked without regard for the law or common decency. While cats certainly do roam freely in some parts of the country, a recent batch of Twitter photos showing cats waiting politely outside convenience stores suggest that manners are alive and well among our feline friends. Or are they? Might these cats be harboring ulterior motives?

Our photo series begins with this likely trio pictured sitting sedately outside a Family Mart. Are they debating the merits of Melty Kiss versus Ghana chocolate, or just engaging in some casual people-watching? Note how they remain motionless even with the doors wide open.

And here are a few other cats who appear to be fascinated by the inside of a Family Mart. One fellow even decided to see to his grooming right in the middle of the entranceway.

So what are we to make of these curious characters? Our guess is that at least a few of them are taking advantage of the mats in front of the doors to keep warm. Cats are known to seek out some unusual spots for warmth, whether it’s atop the hood of a car or inside a laundry basket. Consider, for example, this smart cat below.

▼ “There was a cat under the convenience store vent. Must be warm there, huh?”

At least they’re being polite about it, right? Yet, there are some cats who can’t be bothered with things like rules–who take what they want, when they want it.

▼ But one convenience store clerk is having none of that nonsense.

Sorry, Kitty, not this time.

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