who ordered the fuzzy navel

When most of us think of hamsters, we imagine cute little balls of fluff running in their exercise wheels, stuffing their cheeks full of food, or burrowing in people’s sleeves. Yes, they’re adorable and make great pets, but hamsters can also be found in the wild, and are burrowers by nature.

One teacher tried to show her class how flexible hamsters can be, telling them that if a hamster goes the wrong way into a tunnel, it can easily twist its little body around and come back out. But this particular hamster just wasn’t having it that day…

A Japanese Twitter-user writes: “Our teacher said, ‘Hamsters originally lived in holes in the ground, so they’re very flexible.’ But when she put the hamster in [the jar], he didn’t come out – he just went to sleep like that.”

Either the hamster had something against the teacher and was determined to ruin the lesson, or was just really tired (though that does not look like a comfortable position to fall asleep in). As one commenter replied online: “It’s amazing he can sleep like that LOL A human would never be able to sleep like that. In fact, that sort of position would be torture! But to a hamster it’s nothing LOL.”

This brings back memories of a time I once climbed head-first into a sleeping bag, only to have my older brother come and pick it up from the top, which left me trapped inside, upside-down, struggling to turn myself rightside-up. Torture indeed! Humans are not as flexible as hamsters.

Hope you enjoyed your impromptu nap, little guy!

Source: Twitter via Togech
Feature image: Twitter @pompom_kirimi