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The Bottle Boys are a five-piece band from Copenhagen, who shot to fame last year after performing ‘Billie Jean’ using nothing but (a large number of) beer bottles. And now they’ve been snapped up by Kirin Ichiban, in a slick production that sees them team up with Iron Chefs to record a track blending their musical bottle-playing with the sounds of sushi.

Join us after the jump to see how it sounds!

In the two-minute video, the musicians play eleven bottles each. Strauss’s ‘Radetzky March’ was a challenge for them, they said, as it was the first classical piece they had played, and required them to develop new techniques such as trills.

Check out the video below:

▼ Not many musicians cradle their instruments as lovingly as these guys. But more should!

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▼ The melody on bottles is fused with percussive chopping, slicing and grating sounds, courtesy of Iron Chefs.

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The ad sees Kirin draw a parallel between expertly made sushi, prepared from pure ingredients, and their beer. Simple is best, the ad tells us. But we were too distracted by the bottle orchestra to be thinking about beer!

If you like what you see, why not check out this behind-the-scenes video from Kirin and The Bottle Boys:

And here’s the ‘Billie Jean’ video that saw them gain popularity worldwide:

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