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The Japanese Internet thinks there’s something strange in Wonderland these days, if a handful of photos doing the rounds on Twitter are any indication.

A Disneyland enthusiast – of which there are a great many in Japan – recently uploaded several close-up photos of Alice in Wonderland‘s Alice standing atop a parade float with the open question, “Am I the only one who thinks Alice might be a man?”

Before we get into any discussion on the matter, have a look at the photos in question for yourselves. Here’s Disney fan @Akichan_du with the tweet (which has been shared and favorited thousands of times) that started it all off.

Okay. Well, let’s go ahead and call out the elephant in the room right now: Yes, from some angles, this Alice looks slightly more masculine than Japanese Disneygoers might be used to. This Alice seems to have a fractionally more toned physique than is typically expected of Disney heroines, and there’s a certain angularity to her features. But when you’re working in a role like this, and required to wave, sing, dance and prance all day long, chances are you’re going to be in pretty good shape–at least a lot better than the average sits-on-her-butt-all-day princess anyway.

One of the images @akichan_du has shared isn’t especially flattering, true, but in every other photo, no matter how hard we look, all we see is a perfectly normal young woman with a lot of stage makeup on working her ass off, so can’t help thinking that these Twitter users are being kind of mean here.

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We’re going to refrain from making any more judgments about it because Lord knows we already feel like jerks even writing about this and there’s no real side you can take without looking like an A-hole. So let’s just let Japanese commenters dig themselves a giant hole from here from here.

“Must be some kind of labor shortage at TDL.”

“Well, it is the land where dreams come true…”

“Man, Wonderland must be a really weird place.”

“If this is actually a woman, talking about this is reaaaallly rude.” 

▼ Really, guys? Look at that face, she’s cute as hell.

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Others, meanwhile, had the good grace to offer up slightly more measured possible explanations instead of just being jerks:

“It seems women from Western countries often have more ‘handsome’ features, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if this Alice really is a beautiful woman under the makeup.” 

“Maybe Disney is trying to show their support for the LGBT community by diversifying their hiring practices.”

Girl, boy, transgender or otherwise, you look perfectly fine to us, Alice! We know Disneyland staff have strict codes of conduct to adhere to and all, but we’d totally forgive you for discreetly flipping these guys off the next time your float passes them by.

Source: Hamster Sokuhou
Photos: @akichan_du